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WeCrochet Podcast

Oct 9, 2020

Whether you're brand new to crochet or have been doing it for decades, questions about a pattern, yarn or technique can come up. In this episode of the WeCrochet Podcast, we added an extra person to our team and we answer some your most important crochet inquiries.

First, meet Katelyn, our new Outreach Coordinator (what does that job title mean? Katelyn does just about everything associated with our crochet patterns)! Heather throws her into the deep end with some questions as part of Meet the Team: Lightning Edition.

Next, don't miss our 12 Weeks of Gifting: We're giving away a free crochet pattern every week until mid-December, to help get you ready for gift-giving season. Find out how to get these patterns!

Finally, Sara, Heather, and Katelyn put their heads together to tackle your crochet-related Frequently Asked Questions. Does this stitch have a name? Does Right Side / Wrong Side really matter? Is hook size important? We'll give answers, opinions (both informed and un-informed), and maybe we'll all learn a thing or two.

0:00 The Introduction
3:06 Meet Katelyn!
10:33 12 Weeks of Gifting
11:34 Frequently Asked Questions
46:32 Credits